November 24, 2017

Why Dogs Make the Perfect Christmas Gift for SeniorsDog with Senior

Every year, we come across more than one such video where someone gifts their grandpa or grandma a little pup wrapped in a red bow as a Christmas present, and we get all teary seeing their emotional reactions. Don’t deny it now, we all do. But, how many times have we wondered why they chose to give their grandpa a dog and not a new foot massager or better yet, bed-warmer? Both of them wouldn’t have required to be fed, taken out for a walk, or demanded affection. Then, why do some grandkids decide to lay a extra responsibility on their grandparents by gifting them a living being?

1.They are great companions:

One of the biggest challenges one has to deal with as they grow old is loneliness. Having no one around to talk to can easily lead to depression. Dogs, in this respect, turn out to be great companions. They will happily accompany you everywhere, even to a doctor’s appointment, and in return, only demand your attention.  

2.It gives purpose to life:

Even when they don’t expect any special pampering from you as others pets do, dogs are still a responsibility. A proper schedule needs to be set for things such as their feeding time, outdoor walks, and some entertainment in the form of “go get that ball”. This helps seniors form a routine. Even if they don’t feel like getting out of bed, they will have to because their dog wants them too. 

3.They make you go on walks: 

As we age, we tend to ignore our body’s need for proper exercise. Same is the case with adults. Regular exercise is important for anyone, regardless of their age. With a dog in your life, it urges to stand up, take it out on daily walks, and indulge in some healthy exercise. 

4.They make the go stress away:

Multiple medical studies have proven that having a pet in your homes makes you less stressed out than those who don’t have one. There isn’t much that is expected form a senior person. They rarely perform any house chores, drive or have people to converse with. Just the thought of getting old is enough to cause stress. Having a wagging tail and sense of companionship makes the whole getting old less stressful. 

5.An opportunity to meet you people:

Pets are great conversation initiators. When you take them out on walks, your chances of meeting new people and forming new bonds increase, as opposed to sitting idle at home. 

6.Dogs look after you:

Dogs also turn out to be great guardians and always look after their owners. When at home, they keep the thieves away and when outside, they prevent street criminals and muggers from harming you. 

Best Dog Breeds for Seniors:

Now that we have listed so many benefits, the blog would seem incomplete if we leave without mentioning the best dog breeds for seniors. So, here is a list of dog breeds that are okay to be left in senior’s care.


2.West Highland Terrier


4.Golden Doodle

5.Golden Retriever

6.Cocker Spaniel