5 Myths about Natural Pet Care

Everything you slather on your pets comes with a complex list of ingredients that can cause everything from seizures to breathing problems. Pesticides are the worst. They really are poison, and using over the counter products means covering your furry friend with a nerve agent. Not something you want to do when there are natural alternatives that get the job done.

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Why My Dog Loves Eating Poop

Of all the revolting habits that our canines have –rolling in mud, drinking from the loo, licking their and other animal’s butt, humping etc., poop-eating is one that tops all. They don’t do it to gross us out; they do it for a number of reasons which we shall discuss closely in this month’s blog. 

There are both medical and behavioral reasons why

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Why Dogs Make the Perfect Christmas Gift for Seniors

Every year, we come across more than one such video where someone gifts their grandpa or grandma a little pup wrapped in a red bow as a Christmas present, and we get all teary seeing their emotional reactions. Don’t deny it now, we all do. But, how many times have we wondered why they chose to give their grandpa a dog and not a new foot massager or better yet, bed-warmer? Both of them wouldn’t have required to be fed, taken out for a walk, or demanded affection. Then, why do some grandkids decide to lay a extra responsibility on their grandparents by gifting them a living being?

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Selfie Guide from the Best: Pets

Like a disease, the selfie craze has taken over our generation. Even our pets aren’t safe anymore. Like us, they too are mastering the art of perfect selfies and maybe doing it even better than us. Don’t believe us? Here is a guide narrated by them, with selfies as proof clicked by them without supervision. Assuming from the results, only an expert could have pulled it off. 

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5 things I learned from my dog

We humans may call ourselves the greatest of beings to have ever lived; the smartest to have found nature’s hidden treasures, set foot on moon, and swam under the deepest of oceans. But, there are some basics that we still need to learn. In this blog post, we are going to look at a few such basics that our less intelligent pals teach us every day. 

Let’s face it, humans may be the most intelligent things on the planet, but we sure could learn a lot from our less advanced pals from time to time.

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How to Know If My Cat Is Planning World Domination?

Just think for a second; if that statement is to be true, you better start finding a...

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8 Ways in Which Your Pet Can Be a Part of Your Wedding Festivities

Yay, you are getting married! Have you already started on the wedding guest list? Who is invited...

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Pets with a Sense of Humor

No matter how silly or smart they may actually initially seem, all animals, like humans, have this thing...

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How to Console Your Grumpy Little Cat

Cats are definitely the most favorite animals that make great pets. They are small, cute and it...

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