December 23, 2019

coco love

Marilyn Monroe must have gone through a lot before she admitted that dogs never bit her, but humans did.

As a matter of fact, this is true. Somewhere in the process of progress and growth in the materialistic realm, we are gradually losing out the fine, humane qualities that make us human beings. Sympathy, empathy, loyalty, innocence, commitment, compassion; this is all going extinct in humans, as we progress toward turning into our own emotionless, machine-like, robotic versions. The world is getting meaner than ever and, no wonder we all have some serious trust issues with our fellow human beings. 

However, the basic need of having a sense of belongingness, someone you could count on, the one you know will always have your back no matter what, stays in place and to satiate this desire of loyal companionship, more of us are resorting to trusting animals, and more specifically - the dogs.

Someone once said “happiness is a four-legged word’. This is true, for the mutual bond that is synonymous with love and loyalty is based on mutually reciprocated sentiments. As much as humans love dogs, dogs love them back even more. Maybe this is because they both have this natural and similar longing for loving and being loved, but when we speak science, this is primarily and technically due to a couple of hormones that make their bonding so perfectly attuned.

I have three dogs and I love my dogs, they make everyday fun. My Australian Shephard is so sweet and just enjoys my attention. My Mini Pinscher is spoiled rotten and the funniest of the dogs! ❤️My Cocker-Spaniel Beagle Mix loves to bark, bark, bark and bark some more. He is the loudest of them all!

This perfect companionship and chemistry span over centuries of growth and evolution. After a course of psychological researches on the human-canine relationship, Colin Groves of the Australian National University inferred that “The human-dog relationship amounts to a very long-lasting symbiosis. Dogs acted as human's alarm systems, trackers, and hunting aides, garbage disposal facilities, hot water bottles, and children's guardians and playmates. Humans provided dogs with food and security. The relationship was stable over 100,000 years or so, and intensified in the Holocene into mutual domestication. Humans domesticated dogs and dogs domesticated humans."

All in all, you do not need a reason to befriend a dog. They try with all their might to see that vibrant smile pasted on your face especially when you are having bad day. They love it even more if you ask them for a favor, and would gladly fetch your newspaper or close the door or keep anything back on its place. Their short term memories are weak so they would forget or even forgive if you don’t respond to them, and their strong senses make them sense, smell and identify their owner in a crowd of a million.

Dogs are great when it comes to dealing with emotions. They would not stop wagging their tail when you are happy and would cuddle you when you are at your worst. They can be your biggest motivation, your support system and also make a good exercise and work out partner. They love to live to the fullest and would make you do so too.

My love for dogs and keeping them healthy is what inspired me to start Paleo Pets. All of our dog pet care products are organic, natural and do not contain any toxic ingredients. I hope you love your dog as much as I do.