February 24, 2020

Happy Cat

So the day is finally here. Two weeks ago, you were promised a cat on your birthday if you behaved well. So, congratulations for not doing anything that got you grounded! 

With your heart pounding, you take that little bowl of fur in the palm of your handsdreaming about all the adventures you are going to go on with it ithe passenger seat with a hat on its head as you head for Mexico, becoming an internet sensation by teaching it crazand genius tricks no other cat on the planet has ever accomplished, take your cat to the cat Olympics, or better dress it up for fashion shows for the showstopper in citers like Singapurr, Mew York, Purrlin and Mexico Kitty 

A year passed and not one of those plans became a reality. Turns out you got yourself the most stubborn and lazy of cats who finds joy in nothing else than sleeping on your front doormat. 

If only you had gotten a dog, then you would have a chance to fulfill any of those dreams (nhumor intended). But why think of it now? Didn’t you always know that cats are like that? 

It is time to take a look at the expectations you had from your little Boo Boo and the realities that you will have to deal with.  

Expectation # 1: My cat is going to become and internet sensation 

Didn’t we all dream of that? You always knew that, didn’t you? You knew that with that face of yourself, there weren’t many chances you will get to become a star sensationbut when you got that little puddle of joy, your heart hoped you would.  

RealityYou only have like 11 followers on your Instagram, 7 of those are your family members. 

Expectation # 2: You will bring it the world’s best cat toys and it will love you forever 

Yeah, that bumped out too, didn’t it?  

Reality: It is very much content playing with its own tail and is least bothered by what you have to offerIt will, of course, show interest in things you bring to it, but its best friend still remains its tail and not you.  

Expectation # 3: Your cat will love to cuddle with you all the time 

Before we even begin: HAHAHAHAHAHA! Really! Did you really think that? How did you come up with that? 

Reality: Your scratched hands and legs are itself a testament to how wrong you had been. This is what you get when you keep your hopes too high.  

Expectation # 4: Your cat will pose with you for the most awesome Christmas cards 

Reality: Iwon’t pose with you nor will it stay put when to you deliberately try or bribe it with cat treats.  

Expectation # 5: It will greet you with warm cuddle when you come home 

You should have gotten a dog if you wanted that. Cats are not loyal; they are pretty much self-obsessed with themselves 

Reality: They don’t even make an effort to get up let alone come greet you. In fact, you have to be the one who has to transport them from one place to another when you start to miss them.