About Us

You know just how important your pets are. And you'd do anything you can to make sure they enjoy the great health and quality of life they deserve.

But … if you've browsed your local pet store or searched online, you know just how hard it is to find high quality, all-natural pet care products you can REALLY trust.

What if there was a company you could rely on to provide only the best organic, natural pet care products that are free from nasty toxins and actually safe for you and your pets?

The Paleo Pets Story

Paleo Pets is a family run business, and the brainchild of 8 year old 'kidpreneur', Mia Felber.

The Paleo Pets name is a nod to simpler times, before the stresses and strains of the modern lifestyle. That means we do what we can to make sure our pets live a great life. With plenty of sleep, regular exercise, and a healthy, balanced diet.
Our exclusive range of the best pet care products takes that ethos one step further. You'll find only natural, organic ingredients in Paleo Pets products. And they're totally free from dangerous modern toxins and chemicals.

You see, the Felber family are proud pet parents to four furry friends of our own – Cats Comet and Kobe, Sheltie, Beagle Cocker Spaniel Turbo, and Aussie the Australian Shepherd. Mia has always been a bright and caring child, and after hearing about the dangerous chemicals in many household products, she asked us a question … /

"Are our pets safe from nasty chemicals?"

That question got her thinking … Of course, we made sure that our pets weren't exposed to chemicals from household products. But what was in the pet care products we used?
After researching online, she just weren't happy with the laundry list of complicated ingredients found on most of the pet care products we were using. We set out to find healthier alternatives, but discovered the shocking truth that it was far too difficult to find true organic, natural pet care products in stores and online.
So she decided to make her own.
After two years carefully researching our ingredients and creating our product range, the Paleo Pets online store finally opened for business in July, 2016. It's now Mia’s mission to be your go-to source for the best pet care products you can trust.
Our current range includes 100% organic pet perfumes, as well as organic flea and tick treatments for both dogs and cats.

Our Promise to You

Not only do we promise to provide you with the best all-natural pet care products, we're also dedicated to the happiness of pets and their people.
That's why we pledge 10% of every Paleo Pets purchase to the Save a Pet's Life Foundation, to help pets in need.
Not only that, we offer a 30 day no-risk money back guarantee on all our products. We want you to be delighted with the Paleo Pets range. And if you're not, we don't want to keep your money. Add to that our friendly and personal customer service, and we think you've got a winning combination.
Paleo Pets is a company that truly cares, and is dedicated to delivering the best for you and your pets.

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