November 22, 2017

The Perfect Selfie Guide As Narrated By Pets

Like a disease, the selfie craze has taken over our generation. Even our pets aren’t safe anymore. Like us, they too are mastering the art of perfect selfies and maybe doing it even better than us. Don’t believe us? Here is a guide narrated by them, with selfies as proof clicked by them without supervision. Assuming from the results, only an expert could have pulled it off. 

1.Don’t Underestimate The Power Of The Right Angles:

Angles are indeed everything when it comes to the perfect selfie. We all have our good and unflattering sides. With a bad-angled photo, even that could look like a rookie mistake. 

2.Too Low is a no-no:Brown Dog Face

Unless you are really confident to show your double or triple chins and still look good, go for it. If you aren’t confident, the heading already suggests the solution.

3.Get Your Human On Board, Sometimes: 

There is a reason why it is called a selfie (a person clicking his/her picture). So, adding unattractive participants doesn’t always work out. You can invite people to snap a picture with you; sometimes but not always. Otherwise, it will only be a stupid Christmas card picture and nothing more. 

Fuzzy Brown Puppy4. Get Your Cute Right With A Titled Head: 

Unless you are really good at it, achieving the cute and perfect look is almost impossible. However, with a few nooks and tricks, like a titled head or a tongue out, you may be able to deceive some fellow humans with your angel-like poses.

 5.Filters Are Everything Man:

Believe it or not, the right lighting and filters can bring life to even the most dullest-looking pictures. But, it should be noted that adding the right filter takes practice and effort. If you have the time, go for it; if you don’t, you look awesome anyway. 

Smiling Cat6. Work Your Best Side:

We have already established that every one of us has a good side; the side without the exploded acne, the side without bumps, the side without an ugly birthmark and the side with the perfect winged eyeliner. Your job is to let that side shine and make the most of it. 

7.A Smile goes all the way but Don’t Overdo it:

There is a very thin line between what is acceptable and what isn’t. Overdoing or an excess of anything isn’t good; so, unless you don’t want to look like this cat in the picture, it is best to keep your laughter limited to a smile. 

8.Prop it Up:

Cat tongue stick outThe right props can up your game big time. A pen, a laptop or a spoon in hand while standing in your kitchen can make people assume you were doing something incredibly fun. 

9. Throw In Some Attitude: 

Let your selfie speak for itself about how cool you are. Take notes from this little guy here who has the perfect idea of how to go from cool to super cool. 

We hope that you learned some valuable lessons from these pets and will improve your selfie game now.