October 21, 2019

Zodiac Signs


For the ages, we have been told that a dog is man’s best friend. It’s time we break this stereotype and prove that other pets too can be loyal and lovable. We believe that pets should be carefully selected based on the owner’s personality, which is why this time around, we will be taking help from the zodiac signs to predict, compare and contrast which pet goes well with your personality. 

All set to find out which animal you should own as a pet? Let’s get started then: 

Aries: Dog 

Aries have an energetic and active aura around them 24/7. This is why dogs are perfect as their pets; a match made in heaven. Aries naturally love to have furry pets around and can often be spotted taking them everywhere, even where they aren’t allowed. That is what makes them, them. 

Taurus: Pig 

A pig, being the perfect blend between a cat and dog, is both intelligent and independent, the 2 qualities that a Taurian has. They usually do well with all animals but pigs can turn out to be really great pets for them.  

Gemini: Parrot 

They love to talk and so do parrots. The reason they should get a parrot is to have someone to communicate to. Parrots are chatty and easy to be around with, 2 of the things a Gemini loves to see in everyone.  

Cancer: Cat 

People with this zodiac sign love to eat and apparently, so do cats. Cats turn out to be Great Spirit animals as these people have a natural tendency to care for others and have the emotional intelligence needed to pet a cat. 

Leo: Horse 

To them, pets are a symbol of nobility. They want a pet that reflects the same qualities inherent in aroyal, dignified and regal, all of which a horse also possesses 


People coming under this sign can be categorized into 2 categories. First, they hate mess and second,they are prone to nearly all worldly infections and allergies. Therefore, the perfect pet for them to have is fish as it involves minimum mess and is immune from allergies.  

Libra: Dove 

Aren’t all Libras the hopeless romantics? Well, they seem to be, which is why the perfect pet for them to have is a dove, a symbol of love, romance, beauty, peace and serenity. All Libras are highly dependable and excellent caretakers so whichever pet they are given, they are surely going to take care of it.  

Scorpio: Snake 

Snakes often symbolize transformation, rebirth and healing as they tend to shed their skin. As mythicalas they are, they have a lot in common with the personality of a scorpion which also symbolizes power,transformation and secrecy. 

Sagittarius: Turtle 

The one thing that actually makes up their whole personality is their love for traveling. They love exploring the wanderlust and therefore, need something as a pet that doesn’t require much care. Thus,turtles are best for them! 

CapricornPure breeds 

To Capricorns, like everything else, pets too are a symbol of status. So, one can imagine that even if they get something from a shelter home, it has to have some class (be a pure breed).   

Aquarius: Strays 

Aquarians love their freedom and don’t like anything to hold them back. But that doesn’t make them less compassionate as they would most definitely stop on the road to feed a ferret or put some water out for the birds and their neighbor’s cat.  

Pisces: Rabbits  

People associated with this sign are usually less talkative and emotionally sensitive. This is why rabbitwill turn out to be their best pet companion. We all know that no one likes to be hugged more than a Pisces, which is one quality that bunnies also possess 

DISCLAIMER: These combinations aren’t a decree. Please don’t kick out your grumpy cat for a horse just because your sign says so. This blog post was just intended to be a pleasurable read, that’s all!