October 14, 2019

Cat in house

They may be the cutest beings on the planet Earth but they are also pure evil. They have tried to kill you many times, scratch the bejesus out of you and tried to claim your house as theirs. In case you haven’t yet noticed, the joke’s on you, mate! We already know they are planning world domination and in order to do so, they need to build communication headquarters from where they can easily send and receive messages in codes. Who knows your house might soon be becoming one. If you notice any of these signs, just know they are up to something big unless of course, you want to live enough to see them rename planet Earth to Kitty world, have meow malls, purr spas and feline Hiss hospitals 

Your Windows Are No Longer Windows But Cat TVs 

You find them spying on the neighborhood all day. No windows are safe anymore. Even when you try to shoo them off, they go find some other window to spy from and just to give you a spoiler they aren’t watching any birds or insects on the ground. They are watching us, eye to eye! 

Any Trip to the Washroom has Become a Group Activity 

They want to keep you distracted and busy with themselves so that you don’t use your brain to figure out what is going on. Therefore, a visit to bathroom rings warning alarms all over the house. They don’t want to give you any alone time and nearly die meowing to let them in, in case, surprisingly, they have been left out. They will watch you bathe, watch you poop or even when you are tooth-brushing because they can’t risk you find out about their big agenda. 

Toilet Paper Is Everywhere Except In the Washroom 

If you think they love shredding toilet paper, you can’t be more wrong! They do so, so that you can’t decipher the hidden messages they have clawed on them. Besides, they also know how important cleanliness is. By stopping you from it, they secretly hope that you would pass away of some infection or fungus.  

They Butt-Block You from Using Technology  

Technology is the one thing they are most scared of. They know it could lead their hoomans to dark secrets they don’t want you to know. Moreover, they also want to cut you off from all your social connections so that if they do plan to kill you one day, no one comes looking for you.  

They Daringly Claim Their Right over Your Meals 

They want you to starve or poison you by constantly putting their paw in your food with big bawling eyes so that you would get charmed and let them have it.