July 01, 2018

5 Fun Summer Ideas to do with your Dog

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Of all the seasons, summer is typically the time when everyone wants to be outside, basking in the sunshine. Even dogs tend to feel this way, maybe even more than people! So do your dog a favor and make this summer the best one yet by coming up with a few fun activities you can do together. The following ideas can get you started, as these are all things both you and your dog will likely enjoy. Just keep your dog's health and safety in mind as you plan these summer activities, since the great outdoors does come with some hazards to be aware of. Here's what you need to know when you want to have summer fun with your dog while staying safe.

1. Have Some Water Fun at Home

On those hot summer days, nothing sounds better than cooling off by splashing around in some water. If you don't happen to have a big pool in your backyard, don't worry. Your dog will feel just as refreshed by splashing around in the baby pool you buy him. You can also simply turn on the sprinklers for you both to run through on a warm summer day. Want to get more creative? Make your dog his own little backyard splash park by attaching a pool noodle to the end of a hose and poking some holes in it so the water sprays everywhere. Your dog will love cooling off this way, and you'll love watching him have summer fun at home!

2. Eat Some Cool Treats

Pretty much everyone likes ice cream and popsicles in the summer, and your dog is no exception. But sweet treats made for people aren't always safe for dogs due to some of the ingredients--like sugar. So unless you have access to store bought ice cream specially made for dogs, you might have to make your own dog-safe ice cream with these recipes. Another idea for a sweet treat involves Kongs or similar dog toys that you can stuff with food. Just put some peanut butter, wet dog food or banana in there, and then put it in the freezer for a few hours. When you take it out, your dog will have a freezing cold treat to chew on while you eat your own ice cream next to him on a hot summer day.

3. Go Camping

Summer is a good time to bond with your dog in the great outdoors. After all, your pup probably loves getting out the house and exploring new environments with you! So pick a campsite where the weather is pleasant, and set up your tent with your furry best friend at your side. Just make sure you prepare a little before you go if you want to keep your dog safe. For example, bring his food and water bowls, plus his food and a leash. Don't worry about bringing his dog bed if you're short on space, since he can ruff it for the weekend right along with you for an authentic camping experience. But do make sure your dog is up to date on all vaccinations so he doesn't bring back any bugs from the trip. And speaking of bugs, you don't want your dog to bring home any fleas or ticks, either. Luckily, we've got you covered with our Natural Flea and Tick Control Powder for Dogs, Fleas Go Away!

4. Head to a Local Beach or Lake

Another spot that just screams summer is the beach. Granted, we're not all lucky enough to be located on or near a coast, so a lake or large pond works, too. Either way, Fido will be thrilled to run along some soft sand or dirt, gaze at his reflection in the water and even splash around. Just take a few precautions first to keep your pup safe. If you plan to swim or go boating, put a life jacket on your dog. If you expect the area around the water to be hot, put some dog shoes on him to protect his paws. And go ahead and apply some flea and tick powderto his fur before you go, since you're going to be spending the day out in nature, likely among some tiny pests.

5. Hit the Dog Park

Sure, you can go to the dog park pretty much any time of the year. But summer is often the perfect time to go. It's when more people are out having fun outdoors, which means your dog will likely see more four-legged friends than usual. Some dog parks have splash areas with sprinklers and other water features, and those are just more fun and refreshing in the summer than any other time of year! But as with any outdoor activity, you need to protect your dog by applying Natural Flea and Tick Control Powder for Dogs, Fleas Go Away! Also, make sure your dog has had all vaccinations before he hangs out with other pets. You might even consider giving him a Health & Immunity Supplement before a trip to the dog park if you want to give his immune system a boost.

Ready for some fun in the sun with your dog now? Feel free to try out these ideas and let us know how it goes, or fill us in on your own ideas for summer fun with your pets. But before you go, try out our natural flea and tick powder, as well as the other all natural pet care products you'll find at Paleo Pets!