June 21, 2018

5 Myths about Natural Pet Care

cute puppy 5 myths about natural pet care

Everything you slather on your pets comes with a complex list of ingredients that can cause everything from seizures to breathing problems. Pesticides are the worst. They really are poison, and using over the counter products means covering your furry friend with a nerve agent. Not something you want to do when there are natural alternatives that get the job done. You can keep your four-legged family member healthy, happy and chemical free, without breaking the budget.

1. Natural Pet Care Is Expensive

When you compare premium pet brands, the prices are pretty standard. Cost of everyday items like dental chews and flea and tick control systems might even be cheaper when you use natural products. A three month supply of commercially available premium pesticides run between $25 and $50, depending on the size of your pet. But similar paleo products cost less than $20, and you don't need to worry about them rubbing off on your furniture to trigger allergies.

2. Chemicals Work Better

Everything is a chemical, but synthetic, lab-produced substances tend to be stronger. But the truth is that stronger isn't always better. Want you really want is a product that is just strong enough to do the job, without being so strong it puts your fluffy family member at risk. Chemical pesticides use nerve agents that can cause major health problems, like seizures and nerve damage, in some pets. Avoid toxic reactions by using natural paleo products instead.

3. Natural Living Is Just a Fad

Well, when a fad has been around for decades, it's not just a fad. And, for a lot of people, living a more natural life means enjoying better health outcomes and more energy. This is also true for pets. Pet products less regulated than products meant for human use and consumption, meaning they are often loaded with toxic compounds. Product recalls and quality control issues are common in the pet industry, even for even the most beloved brands. Natural living is a lifestyle designed for better health, there is no way that it can just be a passing fad. In fact it's the future. Give you and your pets the best by making a commitment to cutting out the synthetics and using natural paleo products instead.

4. Everything Is Made of Chemicals. There's No Real Difference.

It's true, everything is made up of chemicals. Even water has a chemical name. But that's an argument for simpletons. For example, when you buy pet food, you want something that lists meat as the first ingredient not some man made compound that nobody can pronounce. Many commercial pet foods are full of filler, or items that don't add to the nutritional value of the food, chemicals like artificial flavors are meant to make them palatable and artificial colors more attractive.

The fact that artificial ingredients must be added to entice your pet to consume the product is a dead giveaway that it's really not something healthy in the first place. In fact, contamination with toxic chemicals is so widespread in pet food is so common that there have been several recalls. That's simply not going to happen with water. Everything might be made of chemicals, but don't let them fool you into thinking that toxic compounds are equal to natural paleo style real foods that animals have been eating for millenia.

5. The Veterinarian Knows Best

Not exactly. Vet approved might mean that a product is higher quality, or it might just mean that a particular vet created the product and earns revenue every time you buy. Sure, no ethical vet is going to recommend a product that will hurt your pets, but that doesn't mean their recommended product is the best available, either. Do your research before buying. A quick search for negative reviews can shine some surprising lights on even the most popular products. Many vets simply do not know about the benefits of natural paleo products for pets.

6. Natural Is Too Much Work.

Before natural pet products became available, it was a lot of work and tons of research. If you were formulating your own pet food, flea and tick control and natural medicines you'd be looking at hours of work and developing expertise in everything from animal nutrition to chemistry. Now, natural pet products occupy shelves in major chains and the Internet has brought the world to your fingertips. You can find all-natural, already formulated pet foods and easy to follow recipes if you'd like to mix your own blends. Natural flea and tick repellentsare readily available, and you don't have to coat your dog or cat in killer chemicals.

7. My Pet Won't Like It

Many people think that because many children prefer sugary sweets and junk food to a healthy diet, that their pets will react the same way to natural pet foods and products. But the truth is that all of our products, from health and immunity supplements to hipster dog pillows, are designed to make your pet as happy as possible. Because our dental products will give them a healthier mouth and our natural scents will have them feeling fresh and clean without harsh chemicals, the truth is your furry friend will be more joyful than ever before. Give us a try today!