October 28, 2019


cat want human

When you share your living quarters with someone, be it your family, roommate or a pet, its best if you know them well. How they feel and how they react in given situations allow you to better understand and communicate with themLike humans, cats too try to tell humans how they feel. You may have classified every gesture as a random cat behavior but wait till you find out what they had been trying to tell you with those gestures.  

In this week’s blog post, we are taking a look at a number of simple gestures cats usually play out and which are sure-tell signs that they are up to something.  

Tummy display: 

When cats do that, they are trying to show their owners that they completely trust them, that they aren’t afraid or fearful that their caretakers will harm them in any way. A small gesture, but one that should make every cat owner happy.  

Ears Straight up: 

If they have their ears pointing straight up, they have all their concentration directed towards something, maybe another cat, a noise or a movement.  


Well, it is very easy to decipher the meaning of a hiss. They need their space and hiss to show they are in a tight spot or very angry. It’s better to keep your distance when you see them hissing.  

Ear turned back: 

It means they are planning out their next move or analyzing a decent way to approach a situation. However, if that behavior is accompanied by their body being low on the ground, it’s time to see what they have done wrong because that is how they plead guilty.   

Staring at you while lying down: 

If you find them looking at something intently, be it a bug on the wall or the pen in your hand, it is a sign that they are focusing all their concentration on attacking it any minute. Just before they pounce, you can actually observe their pupils enlarging.  

Continuous meows: 

It is a way to let their humans know that they want to feel loved and attended to.  

The ultimate purr: 

There could be a number of reasons why your cat is purring. Icould purely be out of content and happiness after you give them a few rubs or it could also be an intense purr suggesting that they are in some sort of pain.  

Soft moans:  

Soft, tiny meows are a certain sign that they are in need of some loving, empathy and preferably a spot on your lap too.  


Again, there can be a number of different reasons why cats turn to destructive scratching. The most common reason for this is that they are either bored or need attention.  

Wagging tail: 

They do this when they feel bothered by something. If it continues to bother them after a while, they will either react aggressively or try to run away from the situation or person.  

Tail upright: 

Ah, they feel happy. It’s their way of telling its Hakuna Matata(No worries for the rest of the day 

Tail between the legs: 

They have been frightened to death by something. It usually happens when they come in contact with something unexpected such as a flying bird, a loud noise or another big dominating cat. It’s best to leave them alone at this point and let them deal with it on their own. 

We hope that after reading this post, you will better understand your cat needs and keep them happy with their tummies exposed!