November 25, 2019

dog love

You may come along thousands of articles that list the healthy benefits of having a dog, backed by science, but did you know that they do much more than just that? This blog will list 10 such reasons that no one would tell you about or even notice, but really come in handy when needed.  

  1. They are great sniffers: The moment they start to sniff at your baby’s diaper, know that it is time to change. Can any other diaper brand claim the same? We think not! 
  1. They keep the floors clean: You no longer will have to worry about any dropped food on the floor or around the dinner table anymore. If they see it, they will lick it and they won’t stop until they are sure that the floor looks clean.  
  1. They won’t judge you: They won’t mind or judge you for having another glass of wine after you have put your kids to bed. They fully understand that you need to take a little more than just one drink after the day’s end.  
  1. They keep you company: No longer will you have to worry about any ghost or burglars when you have a dog at home. Take longer showers or let the door stay unlocked, you will always have a free on-guard dog with you when you’re home alone.  
  1. They preach responsibility: Have kids who don’t listen? No problem, get a dog. The next time they leave their school shoes in the middle of the room and the dog chews on it, it is them who will get the scoldingHopefully, the next time, they will ensure to keep them in their place.  
  1. They keep you warm during the cold: Dogs are natural snugglers. They love to be a part of everything their owner does and sitting beside them, all cuddled up, is amongst their favorite hobbies. Don’t want to get up and get your blanket from your room, just call your furry friend to accompany you on the couch 
  1. Their world revolves around you: They treat you like royalty and who wouldn’t like that? 
  1. They are great distraction when it’s feeding time: They will sit by your bed or at your feet while you attend to your baby’s milk needs, keeping it distracted. Many families with dogs also tell that it is the dogs who nudge the sleeping mothers when they hear their babies cry for another feed.  
  1. They keep you on your toesThey urge you to get out of the house, make new friends and stay fit physically. If that doesn’t sound like a perk, we don’t know what will.  
  1. They significantly lower your doctor bills: When you indulge in regular exercise as you walk your dog daily, it is a no-brainer that your medical expenses will shrink down in the longer run.