November 18, 2019

Cat face

Cat owners are often confronted with questions by their family members about their pets, questions that are more like superstitions and rarely have any truth associated to them. In this week’s a blog, we will try to catch a few of the most commonly fabricated misconceptions people hold in their mind about cats.

Let’s separate the facts from fiction and set the record straight.

Black Cats Are Bad Omens:

For centuries, these poor souls have been turned down as bad omens by folklore. Many cultures believe that a black cat crossing your path brings bad luck but that merely depends on where you live. In Europe, the same tradition is a sign of a good thing to come. So, don’t feel doomed if a one crossed your path today. It is just a myth which originated in old times when cats were most active at nights and people often associated them with witchcraft.

Cats Have Nine Lives:

Whoever believes that, we are pretty sure that if these reincarnated witches indeed have nine lives, wouldn’t they have come reincarnated into something better? But then, if you think about it, what is better than being a cat? You get fed on time, you don’t have to earn money and nobody expects great things from you. Jeez, now we want to be a cat! Missing out on the important point here people; they will not be coming back 8 more times to be your pets to ensure full safety around the house.

Cats Don’t Like Support Groups:

Many people believe that cats like to be loners. True, they are not like dogs that descend from the wolf family and we all know that wolves hunt in packs. Domesticated cats too can be very friendly, respond to attention and form unlikely friendships with birds, chickens and ducks. Also, they are not as evil as they are portrayed to be. Don’t believe us? Just type cats with other pets on YouTube and you will have hundreds of cat-friendly videos to watch as proof.

All Cats Hate Water:

Most of the cats do but not all. Scientists believe that there are two possible reasons for that; (a) their coat doesn’t dry up well and easy as other animals’ which leaves them feeling wet and uncomfortable for a long time and, (b) they usually get weighed down by the water weight which makes them vulnerable in the face of danger. So, yes; they don’t like it very much but hate is a very strong word to express the feeling.

Cats ALWAYS Land On Their Feet:

It may seem like it but unfortunately, that is not the case every time. Every year, like other pets, cats do fall from great heights and suffer bone injuries. However, since they have what scientists call a “righting effect” (ability to twist their body quickly while in the air due to a strong bone structure and no collar bone), they do land on their feet most of the time.