December 02, 2019


You may clearly see the absurdity of such a post but if you are a woman and have had kids as well as cats, it is much easier to weigh the consequences of both. Detailing my personal experiences, I present to you the reason why it is much easier to look after a cat than a crying, hairless infant;  

  1. They might steal a few dollars from your purse occasionally; they will never use your credit card without your permission or steal from you, in general.  


  1. You don’t have to stress over their high school grades or stay up all night worrying about which colleges to send them too.  


  1. With a cat, you don’t have to worry about who they are meeting, texting or speaking to. 


  1. Rest assured; cats don’t throw nasty parties when you are out of town. They might bring their significant one over to your place but will definitely not opt for underage drinking and drug abuse 


  1. You don’t have to pay extra to the babysitter when leaving them home or worry about your babysitter abusing his/her powers with your kids. 


  1. No giving them potty training or changing their diapers. All you have to do is show them where the litter box is and they will do all the cleaning by themselves without you instructing them.  
  1. Unlike kids, they will not embarrass you in the malls by throwing a tantrum. They might drop a few things on the way but will never lay on the ground crying and making everyone judge your parenting. 


  1. Another great reason why kids are just money grabbers is that with cats, you don’t have to save up for their college fees. Go buy an RV instead and travel the country. 


  1. Cats are never called unattractive. So, you don’t have to worry about any low esteem beings to constantly drain your energies on.  


  1. Even if you go without giving them a Christmas present, they won’t mind. They rarely show any concern to their hooman let alone the present. Even if you want to give them one, you can always aim for recycling or re-gift them an old present that they lost last year. They will never know the difference; ifact, they will be more joyous.  


  1. The biggest perk is that you don’t have to get up to attend to them in the middle of the night. They can be left unattended. If you don’t want to give up your sleep, get a cat! 


  1. Cats don’t expect a new toy every now and then. Their needs and preferences don’t change as they grow up. A ball of fur, a page of paper rolled up, a chewy toy or a thread tied to the room door with a hanging tussle is all they want, today and forever.  


  1. Cats usually don’t (they might) bring creepy dates to the house you just want to shoot in the face as opposed to your kid. Also, you don’t have to worry about any kids getting involved with the wrong guy or girl. No family dramas over that!  


DisclaimerThis post was only indented to bring a smile to your face and brighten your day a little.  Don’t fight with your husband that you’d rather have a cat than a balloon-like belly.