August 31, 2016

No matter how silly or smart they may actually initially seem, all animals, like humans, have this thing called the brain where feelings and emotions are born and the entire psychology is formed and executed. Apparently, animals do express anger, gloom, depression, restlessness and other emotional and psychological expressions and this raises a hypothesis here if they even have a sense of humor in their psychological genes.

Several research studies have been conducted on animals psychology in an attempt to validate their sense of humor that other than being lively and playful, if they can actually understand and respond to human or animal cheekiness or if they can talk humor. Researches might draw inferences based statics and hard-to-swallow terminal and jargons, here we share some animal that don’t need a scientific validation for being funny and humorous. Here you go.

The Cheeky Monkeys

We have all seen monkeys doing things that make us all laugh our heads off. They are the perfect imitators and love to imitate people, their actions, gestures and postures, sometime even of their own fellow species. They possess a great potential to turn an otherwise mundane moment into exciting and fun with their funny teases or cheeky gestures.

The Laughing Dolphins

Dolphins are cute, we all know that. They are friendly and love it when they are paid attention. It is as if they have a special human philia that makes them so loving and adorable. They like to reciprocate to human responses, blow bubble rings, play games and are even found to bring gifts for people wandering in their territories. And above all, they know how to be happy and have a good time.

The Sarcastic Parrots

Parrots have a twisted sense of humor. They will whistle on your friends or even call them names that you say behind their back. So, if you have a pet parrot in house, you need to be extra careful with what you speak and how you speak, for you never know when your parrot would make a public imitation of it, creating an awkward situation turning the joke on you.

The Smart Cats

For your pleasure and surprise, cats are not only the smartest of the four-legged clan; but they can laugh and understand the joke too. Compared to dogs that are playful and juvenile, cats too, are lively and fun but they have a mature kind of nature that makes them what we may call a bit 'self-centered'. So while a dog has this passion to amuse and cheer us up, cats have a potential to amuse themselves, often turning indifferent to their place and surroundings. Watch a cat playing tangled with a ball of yarn

The Tickling Rodents

A course of experiments revealed that mice and other protruding toothed species reciprocate when tickled with a kind of pleasure response and happiness. It is this natural trait that made them turn into object of some critical experiments, in which scientists are trying to figure hormones that produce such a joyful response so they can apparently formulate a happiness pill for humans too.


The humans around might turn your life dull and boring, but these pets will never fail to amaze you with their humor. Imagine, how exciting your life would become if you bring one home. Sounds like a good idea, right?