Lets Play Natural Cat Scent

  • Is your cat withdrawn, lacking energy, hiding when family is over. Is your cat making it difficult to enjoy your time together, and forge a deep and lasting friendship?

    Paleo Pets Let's Play Cat Scent is a great way to build a bond between you and your cat. It's formulated from a harmonious blend of essential oils known for their health benefits and positive effects on mood and energy levels. The essential oils we use are safe and natural – they won't cause nasty allergic reactions in you or your pets!  

    Playtime with your cat is healthy fun therapy for you and your family!

    Your cat will enjoy the feeling of happiness and wellbeing our special aromatherapy perfume promotes. And you'll be amazed at how vibrant and full of energy they become.

    Healthy, All-Natural Ingredients 

    Here's what we've packed into every bottle of Paleo Pets Let's Play Cat Scent …   

    Olive Oil –A natural carrier oil for essential oils, and an effective topical treatment for dry skin and itchiness. 

    Orange Essential Oil –Orange is a natural antidepressant. It evokes pleasant summery feelings of happiness and warmth, and works as an organic mood booster. It's also great at reducing anxiety and nervousness in pets. Your cat will feel playful and refreshed – you'll really notice the difference!

    Rosemary – Rosemary supports brain function, elevates mood, and leads to clearer thinking. Just the ticket for an irritable or unfocused kitty!

    Order now – for a sweet-smelling, happier, and more vibrant cat!

    Directions: Shake bottle gently, apply one pump of the product to your fingers, and massage through your pet's blanket or pillows. Allow your cat to smell or lick your hands so they become familiar with the scent. You may also apply one drop in an extra bowl of water to allow your cat to self-apply. Do not rub between the ears and at the nape of the neck. Avoid the eyes and nose.

    Ingredients: Olive oil*, rosemary oil*, orange oil* (*Certified Organic)