Lets Dream Natural Cat Scent

  • Is your cat restless, anxious, and unable to relax and enjoy life?

    Paleo Pets Let's Dream Cat Scent is the purrrfect solution to soothe a restless cat. Why? Because it's formulated from a harmonious blend of calming essential oils known for their relaxation and health benefits.  The essential oils we use are safe and natural – they won't cause nasty allergic reactions in you or your pets!

    You know the deep feeling of calm your cat gives you after a long day. Now you can treat your pet to the luxury of relaxation, anytime!  

    Your cat will love the soothing, natural, benefits of aromatherapy. And you'll notice just how relaxed and content they become almost immediately - making you one happy pet parent!

    Healthy, All-Natural Ingredients

    Here's what we've packed into every bottle of Paleo Pets Let's Dream Cat Scent …  

    Olive Oil –Does your cat suffer from dry skin and itchiness? Olive oil is a natural carrier oil for essential oils, and an effective topical treatment for skin complaints.

    Lavender –There are many benefits to this essential oil, including ...

    • Natural calming properties – great for moody or anxious cats, and an effective aid to sleep
    • It's antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal – preventing nasty skin infections that can be very painful for your cat
    • Lavender is great for your cat's skin – aiding in healing, enhancing blood circulation, and reducing bleeding from minor scrapes and scratches
    • It smells fantastic! - the fresh, distinctive fragrance of lavender controls pet odor - say goodbye to bad pet smells around the house

    Chamomile - Chamomile is great for nervous or jumpy cats. It also calms the stomach and promotes healthy skin, free from flakiness and inflammation.

    Sage - An effective relaxant that treats restlessness and excitability.

    Help your Cat Now – for a sweet-smelling, totally relaxed kittie!

    Directions: Shake bottle gently, apply one pump of the product to your fingers, and massage through your pet's blanket or pillows. Allow your cat to smell your hands so they become familiar with the scent. You may also apply one drop in an extra bowl of water to allow your cat to self-apply. Do not rub between the ears and at the nape of the neck. Avoid the eyes and nose.

    Ingredients: Olive oil*, lavender oil*, chamomile oil*, sage oil* (*Certified Organic)